Applicant Checklist

Minimum Requirements.

    • Minimum 18 years of age (as per MTO).
    • Must have a valid Ontario Class “G” licence.

Prerequisite for DZ Licence Course.

    • SIGN UP with Safelane Fire Truck Driver Training by choosing your start date for the classroom session. Seats are reserved with a sign up form. Payment must be received to secure seat. Seats are on a first received payment basis.
    • Have your doctor complete a MEDICAL REPORT FORM, as required by the MTO (print form on one page, two sided. Must be submitted within 6 months of form date.
    • You must complete the Written Tests for both D and Z class licences a minimum of 30 days prior to the classroom session. Written tests are completed at any Drivetest location. Make sure you bring your completed medical form with you to the written test. Bring your licence as well and any corrective lenses if required. You will submit the medical form at time of writing and also pay the $122.75 fee to Drive Test at that time. NO appointment is necessary. Be sure to check DRIVE TEST LOCATIONS and hours of operation. Assistance will be provided for knowledge tests upon sign up in our pre-course study package. Knowledge tests are valid for 1 year. If knowledge tests are older than 1 year, you must resubmit a new medical form and rewrite the knowledge tests for both D and Z licences and repay the written test and road test fees. Vision standards must also be met.
    • Knowledge tests must be completed prior to us booking your road test (as per DriveTest). It is the students responsibility to ensure they are eligible for road test booking a minimum of 30 days prior to course start date and throughout the course. This means valid written tests and road test fees on file with the DriveTest Center for both D and Z licences.
  • Not included in our courses;
  • Medical report form ($60-150 depending on your doctor)
  • Drivetest knowledge test $23.75/road test fee $99 (Total $122.75)
  • MTO truck $20 and air brake $20 handbooks (Total $40)

We have prepared a list of LOCAL ACCOMMODATIONS if you will be visiting from out of town.

Don’t wait! Fire recruitment’s are taking place every month across Ontario!