DZ Licence

Safelane Fire Truck Driver Training continues to deliver the most successful DZ licencing for fire truck operation in the province of Ontario. We strive to deliver the highest level of training while providing a program that allows simple understanding, ease of participation, while following through each step of the process. Our mission is to provide you with the best and most up to date fire truck driver training available to obtain your Ontario class DZ licence.

We have developed our very own course program that is 100% Ontario Class DZ applicable.

Upon Sign Up, we will conduct a phone interview with you to answer any questions, give you lots of information on our course and ensure it is right for you. This is your chance to ask any question you may have. We do not recommend taking our course while you are in a fire program simultaneously. There is a lot of study and preparation prior to and during our course. Please ensure a careful balance of courses, study, family, jobs along with physical and mental health.

Our program includes a Study Package to help you pass the ministry knowledge tests. You need to pass both D and Z Ministry Knowledge Tests a minimum of 30 days prior to your classroom session date (any drive test location in Ontario, no appointment needed). Your study package will also assist you in preparation for your classroom session. Your study package will include instructor tips and tricks to help you along the way.

During the Classroom Session you will be provided with a course workbook, quick study sheets, power point presentation, in class lesson quizzes, as well as practical truck demonstrations indoors with our trucks. We will also be covering our in-truck lesson checklist to assist you to be prepared for your in-truck training.

The Truck Inspection Workshop is designed to give an in-depth hands-on experience of all truck parts that may be unknown to the average person. We will look at and touch all interior and exterior parts listed on Schedule 1 of the Highway Traffic Act. Students are given an opportunity to preform their first practical Air Brake Inspection and familiarize themselves with the In-Cab Check. Every aspect of the truck Inspection Workshop will prepare you for your in-truck lessons and of course your road test evaluation. Not to worry about the weather as our trucks are indoors on heated floors in the cold weather and out of the sun in the hot weather. Be prepared to get a little dirty.

During your In-Truck Training, you will have the opportunity to inspect and drive the truck as you would on your road test. We will be completing truck inspections both interior and exterior. We will also be practicing the Backing and Roadside Stop procedures while completing a mock Road Test during your time with the truck.

You will use our truck for your scheduled Road Test at the DriveTest Center (Lindsay) to pass your DZ Licence. The test center is right next to our facility. The road testing is completed by a provincial DriveTest Examiner. Time frame from classroom session to road testing on average is from 2-4 weeks.

Safelane owns their fire station like training center in Lindsay, ON. We just built a brand new two apparatus bay with drive in/drive outdoors front and rear. Our trucks are kept inside under led lighting while sitting on heated concrete floors for your comfort in the winter months. Park in our private 20 space parking lot. Inside you will love the fire themed atmosphere of fire tools and equipment tastefully throughout. We have a full kitchen with coffee on all the time, lunchroom, lounge, mini storefront in front entrance way, private outdoor lunch patio/BBQ to catch a few rays on your lunch break. Did we mention that everyone in town thinks it is a new fire station? You tell us. Our truck is the best in the business. It is current, up to date, and fully equipped with equipment as a front run pumper at any fire station. We want you to drive the real deal.

We look forward to you putting your trust in us, to achieve your DZ licence.